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Costa Rican Cigars

Costa Rica is a producer of quality cigars; like many other Central American countries, the proximity to the equator makes for the perfect growing conditions for premium tobacco.

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Not only are the weather conditions in Costa Rica perfect for growing, but the soil in this region is rich and fertile, enhanced by the surrounding volcanoes. Each step of the tobacco cultivation process in Costa Rica is done by hand and in line with the traditions of the Huetar Indians, to whom tobacco was a sacred plant.

Here at Havana House, we have an exciting range of Costa Rican cigars, including a collection of smokes from El Septimo.

El Septimo Cigars

El Septimo grows their tobacco in the lush mountains of San Jose in Costa Rica. Their plantation sits 6,500 feet above sea level, with a tropical climate and fertile soil offering the perfect conditions to craft rich and flavour tobacco for cigars.

El Septimo cigars are hand-rolled using 100% long-filler tobacco. They have over 40 puros blends available using tobacco from Costa Rica. These unique cigars are darker than most, using Oscuro wrappers to provide the most flavourful, rich, deep and silky texture.

The tobacco used for these cigars has been aged for between five and fifteen years, further enhancing the incredible flavour. As organic tobacco, the leaves have been grown without the use of preservatives and chemicals, freeing the cigar from impurities.

If you’re interested in trying out some quality Costa Rican cigars, such as the El Septimo range, then check out our full collection of cigars from Costa Rica below.

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