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Dominican Republic Cigars

The Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti which sits to the west. Cigars from the country are known for their quality and are perhaps only outperformed by Cuban cigars.

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The climate of the country is similar to Cuba’s, therefore, lends itself well to the growing and production of tobacco. Additionally, when the cigar industry in Cuba moved to be owned by the state, many farmers and producers looked to other nations as places to grow and source tobacco, with the Dominican Republic coming out as a great alternative.

Thanks to the transference from Cuba to the Dominican Republic, quality and expertise are not hard to find, leading to high-quality products being produced. For the most part, you can well-constructed and medium bodied cigars that offer smokers a great flavour, qualities desirable for both new and experienced smokers.

Our range of Dominican Republic cigars is varied and includes products from well-renowned brands such as Ashton, Caldwell and Davidoff, take a look below to see if anything takes your fancy.

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