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E.P. Carrillo Cigars

E.P. Carillo Cigars are handmade with a high level of quality and flavour that stands out from the crowd. This popular cigar brand offers multiple cigar lines with a unique and distinct set of characteristics. The cigars offer a hugely satisfying smoke for the entire range of smokers.

The mark of E.P. Carillo is recognised by all cigar lovers and aficionados around the world. Renowned for their Cuban heritage, the company continues to operate under the watchful eye of Ernesto Perez-Carillo, the son of the founder. In the 1990s, Ernesto Jr’s creation ‘La Gloria Cubana’, a new brand with a fresh tobacco blend, immediately became one of the world’s most popular cigars.

Havana House stock a vast range of E.P Carillo cigars, available in the UK. Browse through out selection and choose your favourites.

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