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PSyKO Seven Cigars UK

Psyko Seven Cigars live up to their name – they are crazy good! From the quirky, modern design to the incredible flavour, these mild – medium bodied smokes will soon become one of your favourites.

The Psyko Seven is so-called due to the blend of seven different tobaccos from around the world as its filler. Typically, a cigar would only contain one or two types of tobacco within its filler, so this makes the Psyko Seven range something special indeed.

Originating from the Dominican Republic, the Psyko Seven range offers a number of options for cigar lovers, allowing you to pick the perfect smoke. Here at Havana House, we offer the Toro and Robusto vitola cigars, with the option to pick a Connecticut, Maduro or Corojo wrapper. Connecticut and Natural cigars offer a mild smoke, while the Maduro cigar presents a slightly bolder, medium-bodied experience.

Buy Psyko Seven cigars and experience the crazy explosion of flavour for yourself!

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