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Honduran Cigars

Honduran cigars offer a unique and flavourful smoking experience that will be enjoyed by novices and aficionados alike. Honduras offers the perfect climate conditions for growing bold and flavourful tobacco that has a real character unique to this region.

Here at Havana House, we have a diverse range of Honduran cigars from a selection of the best cigar brands in Honduras. Browse our range below to discover cigars from Alec Bradley, Camacho, Oscar Valladares and Rocky Patel.

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Camacho Cigars

Camacho Cigars are a bright and bold collection of cigars; their vibrant bands hint at the rich and flavourful smoking experience packed inside the tobacco wrapper.

Based in Honduras, Camacho Cigars use the Corojo seed, a special strand of tobacco, to gain the intense flavour that offers the distinctive taste the brand is known for. Camacho cigars are the only cigar brand to utilise the original Corojo seed, making this a very unique flavour.

Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel joined the cigar scene in the mid-nineties, crafting hand-rolled premium smokes from their factory in Honduras. Rocky’s Vintage series has been the flagship range for the brand, with other top-selling collections such as The Edge, Decade and Royale proving popular amongst cigar lovers too.

Take a look at our full range of Honduran cigars below or explore our entire collection of New World cigars from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

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