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Elie Bleu Humidors

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With a long tradition of high-quality French craftsmanship, ELIE BLEU is famous for its cigar humidors, cigar accessories and jewellery boxes. Specializing in decorative wooden objects, the factory is recognized worldwide and manufactures luxury items for prestigious homes.

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The brand first started out in 1976, when their workshops opened in the town of Faubourg Saint Antoine, where Parisian cabinet making was booming. The 1990s is when cigar smoking was at its height in the USA, and when an American journalist discovered Elie Bleu humidors, he soon enough introduced his readers to them.

In 1997, they opened their first boutique in Paris in the 8th arrondissement at the heart of Parisian luxury to optimally display their products for an international clientele.

As years went on, their products became the height of luxury. They have since produced items for significant figures, including a reliquary containing the original edition of “Les Pensées de Pascal” offered to Pope Benedict XVI and a box containing a honey pot made for Michelle Obama.

Here at Havana House, we are proud to stock a wide range of Elie Bleu humidors so that our customers can experience the luxury that comes with cigar smoking.

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