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There has long been a divide in the cigar world – to flavour or not to flavour. That is the question.

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While flavoured cigars have long since been controversial in the world of premium cigars, it’s worth noting that they’re actually the most popular variety of premiums by volume consumed than any other type of cigar.

You’ll find that, when asked, the vast majority of seasoned cigar smoker’s first cigar wasn’t a Cuban or a Dominican, but a machine-made or flavoured cigar.

Here at Havana House, we offer a great range of flavoured cigars to tempt first time smokers and connoisseurs alike, all from top brands such as Backwoods, Ritmeester, Neos and La Aurora.

Flavoured cigars are particular favourites when it comes to pairings because of the vast possibilities opened up by the array of flavours available.

Broadly speaking, cigar flavours vary across the board with some of the most common being:

  • Food profiles with flavours such as chocolate, fruit or spices.
  • Metallic profiles such as earthy or woody flavours.
  • Drinks profiles such as espresso or even French roast.

So, whether you’re looking for something new to tempt your palate, or you’re after that special gift for a fellow tobacco enthusiast, take a look at the flavoured cigars we have to offer here.

If you’re struggling to find the flavour for your signature smoke, then why not check out our guide to cigar flavours over on our blog?

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