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Cuban Coffee

Coffee is not a new beverage, however, one would think so with the irresistible rise of this caffeinated drink. It was discovered almost a thousand years ago in Ethiopia and was swiftly exported elsewhere in the world to the mouths of emperors, kings and noblemen. Coffee has always reigned as a great way for important men to start their day, but nowadays it seems coffee is an essential in every household. With good reason too, not only does a good quality coffee prepare a man for that big presentation or a hard day at work but the Cuban coffee selection that we supply at Havana House we carry an assortment of divine tastes.

Cuban coffee is the finest and most sought-after coffee in the world. If one had to pick just one thing that the Cubans do well, it’s their coffee.  They are known world over for their coffee. The Cuban Coffee, if brewed correctly is one of the finest coffees that the coffee enthusiasts can come across. The natural sweetness of the Cuban Coffee sets it apart from the other. Besides the Cuban Coffee is far more potent than any other coffee and therefore, means serious business.

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