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Smoking Pipes UK

Pipe smoking has long since been a symbol of class and sophistication. Here at Havana House, we’re proud to offer everything for your pipe smoking needs available from top brands such as Dri Kule, Peterson, White Elephant and more!

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First thought to have originated in Egypt in 2000 BC, pipe-smoking offers a timeless way to smoke tobacco like the great detective himself.

Pipe smoking also has roots in Roman, Celtic, Greek and Nordic history! If you’d like to find out more about how pipe smoking came about, then check out our article on the history of tobacco pipes over on our blog.

Our smoking pipes are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit you! From apple pipes to fishtails, you’re bound to find your perfect pipe! We also have a wide range of pipe smoking accessories available, including:

  • Pipe cleaners
    Tobacco pouches
    Pipe filters
    And more!
  • Pipe smoking has come a long way, from the initial China Clay pipes from the 16th century to the calabash pipes we commonly see today. Whether you’re looking for a rustic corncob pipe or something a little fancier like this Hauser Bavarian Hunting Porcelain Pipe, we’ve got you covered!

    The tobacco used for pipe smoking tends to be more moist, fresh and flavourful than that used in other smoking methods, so finding the perfect blend for your taste is essential! Why not browse our wide range of pipe tobaccos here and find your signature blend today.

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    Pipe Filters and Cleaners

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    Pipe Filters and Cleaners

    Dri Kule Pipe Filter – Single


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