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Peterson Pipes

Having been established in 1865, Peterson of Dublin qualifies as the world’s oldest briar pipe makers. Their production methods haven’t changed much over the years, relying on human instinct rather than computer-driven machines. Their factory in Ireland employees a small team of master craftsmen who hold the singular responsibility of ensuring each of their pipes are produced to the same quality as the last.

Because of this authenticity, each pipe is unique, meaning that whenever you smoke a Peterson pipe, you’ll have your hands on a piece of history.

With a range of styles and finishes, there will be a Peterson pipe that suits any smoker. Whether you look for a smooth, polished finish, or a slightly more rugged and authentic look, we have pipes that you’ll love. Take a look through our range of these fantastic Irish pipes below to find the perfect smoke for you. Remember to grab some tobacco to go with it; you can find our selection here.

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