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Dunhill Root Briar Pipes

The myth that circulates dead root pipes is one that continues to frustrate, intrigue and astound pipe collectors across the spectrum. The idea is based on the story that after the root has died, it is left to ‘cure’ through the natural processes. This would bring a much finer grain than any ‘living’ root. Many briar producers have debunked this myth as once the shrub dies, it begins to decompose almost immediately and would soon become unusable.

The much more likely origin of this name is from the celebrated mind of Alfred Dunhill, who sought a way to distinguish his higher quality pipes from the rest of the selection. One thing that we can be sure of is just how fine a DR pipe is. Made from some of the highest quality briar root, they will not let you down!

Check our curated range of Dunhill DR pipes below, or browse our full selection of smoking pipes here.

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