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Pipe & Hand Rolling Tobacco

Havana House offers a wide range of tobacco products to suit all preferences and smoking styles. We offer loose tobacco for hand-rolling cigarettes and pipe smoking from an assortment of top name brands in the industry.

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Roll Your Own Cigarettes

If you like to roll your own cigarettes, then we stock a wide range of pre-packed tobacco pouches from popular tobacco brands, including Golden Virginia, Cutters Choice and Sterling. Browse our range of Rizla, rolling papers and filters below to discover everything you need to roll your own cigarettes.

Pipe Tobacco

Prefer to smoke from a pipe? We stock a large variety of pipe tobacco from top brands, including Davidoff, Gawith Hoggarth and Ashton.

Our selection of pipe tobacco is available in a range of formats, including loose, shag, ribbon cut, flake cut and plug. You can choose between aromatic and non-aromatic flavours, as well as blends from Burley, Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos, among others.

Tobacco Flavourings

If you want to enhance your tobacco smoking experience, then there are a variety of tobacco flavourings that can be used to introduce some additional tastes to your favourite smoke. These flavourings include:
Flavour cards, which can be added into your cigarette box or tobacco pouch.
Flavour sprays, which can be spritzed over your tobacco.
Crushballs, which are pressed into the filter of your cigarette.

Alternative tobacco experiences can also be found in our range of Dokha tobaccos, which contain higher levels of nicotine, and our extensive selection of chewing tobacco, snuff and shisha flavourings.

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