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Rizla Menthol Flavour Cards

Add a little pep to your next smoke with the brand new Rizla Flavour Cards, available in packs of either 1 or 25. You can browse our full range of Rizla Flavour Cards below.

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Who are Rizla?

Founded in 1660, Frenchman Pierre Lacroix became the first person to offer papers that are specifically designed for rolling tobacco. The name Rizla is derived from the French word “Riz” meaning rice and “La” for the Lacroix family. The change in name came about following the successful introduction of rice paper in 1886.

Flash forward to 2020 and we finally get to see the introduction of the Rizla Flavour Card in two distinct flavours.

What Are Rizla Flavour Cards?

Rizla flavour cards were introduced as a means to add a burst of menthol flavour to a pack of ordinary cigarettes.

They’re super quick and easy to use; simply insert your flavour card into your regular pack of cigarettes, leave them for at least 60 minutes, and then enjoy the fresh taste of menthol with every smoke!

What Rizla Flavour Cards are Available?

Rizla Flavour Cards are available in two great flavours: intense Menthol Chill and the milder flavour of Fresh Mint.

At Havana House, we stock a range of Rizla products including a variety of rolling papers and rolling machines. For more information on rolling papers, why not check out our Guide to Rolling Your Own Cigarettes?

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