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Original Tobacco Flavour Co.

Due to new legislation put in place by the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive), all your favourite flavoured tobaccos are set to be a thing of the past. Fortunately, The Original Tobacco Flavour Co has formulated a flavoured liquid intended to enhance your rolling tobacco with a variety of flavours. From Black Cherry to Vanilla and even coconut, there is a wide range of flavours for you to try.

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These flavoured sprays are intended to enhance the flavour and character of your tobacco. These are the same flavours Auld Kendal previously used on their tobacco. They can be used with any type of smoking tobacco, simply spread your tobacco out and spray as required.

How to use the 15ml spray bottle:

  • The flavouring liquid can be used in any form of smoking tobacco, be it hand rolling or pipe tobacco.
  • The first step is to simply spread out your tobacco, you may have to remove it from the pouch.
  • Spray your tobacco with 2 sprays for every 25 grams, approximately. This can be adjusted to meet your own taste.
  • Mix your tobacco together to spread the flavour
  • Finally, enjoy your smoke!

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