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Cigar Cutters

As a cigar smoker, an essential piece of kit for you is a cigar cutter. A cigar cutter is needed to produce a quick and accurate cut on the cap of your cigar, allowing for the perfect draw when smoking. Here at Havana House, we stock cigar cutters from a range of top brands, including Colibri, Xikar, Elie Bleu, Dunhill and Zino.

You need a quality cigar cutter, rather than a knife or pair of scissors, as these can cut the cap inaccurately, causing the wrapper tobacco to unravel and cause issues with the draw and burn of the cigar, thus ruining the smoking experience.

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Types of Cigar Cutter

There are three main types of cigar cutter:
Straight or guillotine cutters,
Punch cutters.

Guillotine cutters come in single or double-blade versions and offer a straight, clean cut. The cigar is simply placed into the hole, and the cap is sliced off.

V-Cutters remove a small v-shaped wedge from the top of the cigar, rather than slicing off the cap. This is useful for bigger cigars that don’t fit in a straight/guillotine cutter.

Punch cutters punch a small hole into the cap of the cigar to allow air to be drawn through. The draw won’t be as smooth as you would get with a guillotine or v-cutter, but it reduces the amount of tobacco you touch directly with your mouth.

We stock a variety of different cigar cutters, allowing you to choose a cutter that suits your needs and design preferences.

Not sure how to cut your cigar? Discover how to cut your cigar perfectly over on our blog!

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