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Oliver Twist Chewing Tobacco

Oliver Twist Chewing Tobacco offers a different way for you to enjoy tobacco with their chewing tobacco bits.

Made with the very best grade of tobacco, each leaf used to make the Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits is carefully assessed to ensure consistent quality. Each tobacco bit is made by hand, much like a premium cigar, keeping the old traditions of craftsmanship alive and providing the best quality.

Here at Havana House, we offer a range of chewing tobacco products from Oliver Twist, including Original, Black, Royal, Arctic, Tropical, and Frosted, allowing you to choose a flavour experience to suit your preferences.

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What is Chewing Tobacco?

Chewing tobacco is a smokeless form of tobacco which is placed between the cheek and gum to draw out the flavour and experience the nicotine.

As the name suggests, you can chew on chewing tobacco; however, you do not have to to enjoy this product.

While chewing tobacco is not as popular as it once was in Britain, it has remained popular around the world, and is starting to see a resurgence in interest.

What Are the Benefits of Chewing Tobacco?

Chewing tobacco offers a much more discreet way of enjoying nicotine than smoking, and can be used in many more locations than cigarettes.

As chewing tobacco is placed in the mouth and does not produce smoke, vapour or odour, it means you can use it whenever and wherever you please. So you can still enjoy nicotine while commuting, at the cinema or even on a plane without bothering those around you.

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