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Snuff Tobacco

Snuff is a blend of finely-ground tobacco that is sniffed into the nostril. Tobacco used to make snuff will have been aged for at least two years and then twice fermented to produce a truly flavourful and aromatic product. Snuff was first used in the 1400s and remains popular with tobacco enthusiasts to this day.

When buying snuff, there are three aspects to consider: the grind, the flavour and the moisture. Snuff can be found in fine, medium and coarse ground, with fine snuff providing the most intense experience. We would recommend coarse snuff for beginners.

Snuff also comes in moist, medium or dry formats. Moist snuff is gentler, while dry snuff is more intense. Finally, you can choose your flavour of choice! Snuff is typically flavoured, and there are hundreds of options to choose from, with menthol, lemon, vanilla, and coffee being popular choices.

Here at Havana House, we have a wide range of snuff tobacco available, from brands including McChrystal’s, Wilsons of Sharrow and Hedges, as well as a diverse selection of flavour options.

Check out the products we have available below, or take a look at our guide to smokeless tobacco options for more advice on using snuff!

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