Havana House 20th Anniversary

Havana House in Windsor Royal Shopping Centre

2020 marks the 20th Anniversary of Havana House. Starting in Windsor Royal Shopping Centre our aim was to provide excellent service and a selection of some of the finest hand made products on the planet. 20 years later we have eight tobacconists in the United Kingdom with a combined history of over 250 years of tobacco trading. Our most recently opened cigar store is the Windsor Cigar Shop, an establishment that not only has a fantastic humidor but a lounge that allows you to enjoy your newly purchased cigar. After 20 years of trading we have expanded to not only cigars but pipe and hand rolling tobacco, accessories, high quality spirits and shaving. We feel that having such a fine selection of items allows our customers to stock up on the finer things in life. Ultimately this has become our mission, to enhance the lifestyle of our customers not only locally but worldwide. Our website ships items all over the globe and we take great pride in what we offer. So here is to 20 years of service and we hope to carry this tradition on for many years to become. We feel that the noble trade of tobacconists must carry on in a world where some of our retail services are disappearing. We would like to thank our many loyal customers who have helped to make us the largest tobacconist group in the UK.