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Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars

Hoyo De Monterrey
Hoyo de Monterrey has been producing some of the best Cuban Cigars in the business for over 150 years.

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The brand was founded in 1865 by José Gener, a Spaniard who had emigrated to Cuba in his teens to work on his uncle’s tobacco plantation. Over 150 years later and there’s not an aficionado around who hasn’t heard the name Hoyo de Monterrey.

Here at Havana House, we offer a wide range of Hoyo de Monterrey cigars from the classic Single Double Corona all the way to the limited edition ranges such as the Hoyo de Monterrey Year of the Ox.

Whether you’re stocking up your humidor or just trying them on for size, you’re bound to find a Hoyo de Monterrey cigar to your liking among our range.

All of the tobacco used in the iconic Hoyo de Monterrey cigars is sourced and grown in one of the finest farms in Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo region. In fact, the name ‘Hoyo’ translates to ‘hole’ which directly refers to the low-lying position of the plantation where it sits on the fertile banks of the San Juan y Martinez River.

Having been around for over 150 years, it’s no wonder that Hoyo de Monterrey is one of the most successful brands of Cuban cigars on the market. Particularly popular with British cigar smokers, Hoyo de Monterrey cigars offer a mild flavour with less intensity than most other Cubans.

This award-winning brand has been a constant in the cigar market and continues to make some of the best Cuban’s in the business, with numerous Limited Edition releases since the series began.

Bursting with rich flavour profiles of cocoa, cedar and spice, and coupled with a slight creaminess, Hoyo de Monterrey cigars are an elegant choice that’s perfect for beginners and seasoned cigar smokers alike.

Made with 100% genuine Cuban tobacco, Hoyo de Monterrey offer some of the most prized ranges in the business including the Epicure No. 2, Double Coronas and Le Hoyo series.

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