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H. Upmann Cigars


Often described as having one of the most tantalising aromas of all Cuban cigars, the cover of Upmann cigars are dark and offer smokers flavours of sweetness and spice. With some discrepancy as to whether the cigars are medium or light bodied, it’s true that these are a smoke that can be enjoyed by anyone.

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H.Upmann is one of the oldest cigar brands on the planet. The company was founded in 1843 by Herman Dietrich Upmann who had been visiting Cuba on business from Germany and saw an opportunity to build a business. He purchased a cigar factory and began the cigar production the following year, producing cigars under the H.Upmann name. At the same time, Upmann also began a banking business which was initially targeted at tobacco dealers and manufacturers but then opened up to all customers.

After retiring in 1890, the business was handed to Hermann’s nephew, Heinrich, for operation and subsequently to Hermann and Alberto who were Heinrich’s nephews, meaning the company stayed within the family name. The logo of the brand is adorned with a number of gold medals which represent the awards that the company has received during its operation.

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